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The Weird NJ Fact Or Crap Trivia Game


untermeyer gate 1HIDDEN AMONG THE HILLS OF KINNELON along Sawmill Road is a landmark left over from an era when the world of industry and free enterprise produced great wealth for private individuals.

This once opulent estate was the home of Milton Untermeyer, a New York stockbroker who had it built in 1920. It was elaborately detailed in the French Provincial style with seven gables and imported cut stone from Europe. At it's prime the home was surrounded by over 100 fruit trees, dogwoods, beeches and other shrubbery, which can still be seen today.

The mansion was later sold to a Paterson physician by the name of Theodore Bender, then transferred to the Gilbreth family of Montclair, who intended to use the area for a ski and winter resort.

The mansion was destroyed by fire in 1968, and now is almost completely absorbed by the surrounding trees and undergrowth.

Also located along Sawmill Road are the remains of the Untermeyer boathouse next to Untermeyer Lake.

Locals in the area call the Untermeyer Mansion "The Gate" because of its two rusted iron gates that protects the property from trespassers.

untermeyer gate 2

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