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The Weird NJ Fact Or Crap Trivia Game
The Weird NJ Fact Or Crap Trivia Game

brick midget house of brick 1One of the most interesting roadside oddities we’ve come across this year is a diminutive dwelling located in the town of Brick, known by locals as the Midget House. Fully equipped with running water, electricity, and a working fireplace, the miniature abode appears to be perfectly suited to the needs of the vertically challenged. The owners of the house wanted us to let Weird NJ readers know that although they don’t mind site seers driving by the house for a quick peak, or even stopping to take a picture, the house is located on private property. Due to vandalization in the past by inconsiderate late night visitors, a security system has been installed in the tiny house. We would like to urge everyone that visits this unique NJ attraction to respect the property, and privacy of the house’s owners. They’re good NJ folks, and deserve our courtesy.

They’re Not Midgets, They’re Just Dolls
Dear Weird NJ:
There is a small brick house in Brick. I've been there a couple of times. I was there at night one time and the lights were on inside. It gives you the feeling that people live in there. There is even an ADT security sign on the lawn in front of it. Supposedly, it was built by some guy for his daughter as a dollhouse, but that was a while ago.
- Amber

I live in Seaside Park, and my friends and I have been going past a house in Bricktown named the Midget House. The reason for the name is that it is a miniature house that is supposed to have running water and electricity supplied to it. Stories that I have heard say that a midget family lived there, but they all died, and since then no one has lived in it. From what I have heard, the house is abandoned and no one lives in it anymore. The Midget House rests on the property of another house, and I think it is owned by that family. We have never gone up to the door of the regular house to ask questions because we have heard that the people don't like to talk about the small house. We actually went past it last night, and it is decorated for Christmas.
- Austin J. M.
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